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References for: DAVID L. McDONALD
"McDonald helped us to raise a total of $3.2 million in two separate campaigns. A hallmark of his style is his sense of personal commitment and his understanding of Christian stewardship. He is well organized, thorough, extremely professional, and highly knowledgeable and capable in the field of fund raising. He brings to those professional skills a sense of warmth and personal involvement that are helpful to the leaders with whom he works."

Dr. Randolph T. Riggs
First Presbyterian Church
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"Your step by step guidance and 'can do' attitude was a significant step in getting us off the ground. It was also a great relief that you speak 'our language,' the language of the people you are serving. Thank you for all your help."

The Rev. Ann Pitman Runnion
First Presbyterian Church
Greenfield, Indiana

"McDonald's good skills have left our church much richer. We are very, very grateful."

Mr. Terry Townsend
First Presbyterian Church
Austin, Texas

"McDonald's analysis was insightful, perceptive, accurate and most useful. He was always responsive to our needs and our situation."

Mr. Donald G. Piper
Williamsburg Presbyterian Church
Williamsburg, Virginia


References for: NANCY E. MUTH
"Nancy Muth led a congregation that had never successfully completed a capital campaign for more than $400,000 in raising $1.2 million. Now we are going for our second $1.2 and Nancy will help us do it!"

Cynthia A. Jarvis, Minister
Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Our building campaign was a huge success because Nancy Muth inspired confidence in our lay leaders, offered wisdom at the appropriate times, and was willing to think "outside the box" concerning our campaign goals. The lay leaders of our congregation are gifted professional people. Their standards of professionalism are high. Their praise for Nancy's leadership in our capital campaign is unanimous."

Dale Sewell, Minister
Mercer Island Presbyterian Church
Mercer Island, Washington

"Nancy Muth was so important to the success of reaching our $1.2 million capital campaign goal. Her unremitting support, her professionalism and her leadership meant so much to our effort. She helped us build our campaign on a spiritual basis of Christian Stewardship that guided our decision making. Her enthusiastic style and great sense of humor made her a pleasure to work with."

Robert C. Coleman, Restoration Campaign Chair
Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church
Clearwater, Florida

"I have observed Nancy Muth in various leadership roles and know of her breadth of experience in providing excellent stewardship and fund raising counsel to congregations, sessions and presbyteries within our Synod. Her work for the Synod of the Trinity in helping us to conduct a feasibility study for a synod-wide Church Development campaign was professionally and sensitively carried out. I would commend her service to church bodies which desire stewardship development."

A. Gary Angleberger, Associate for Communication and Stewardship
The Synod of the Trinity
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania