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Movie Listings

Gosh Hawk Brown Bat (MPEG2)
Skunk (MPEG2)
Red-tailed Hawk Slow Motion (MPEG2/DVD) or Red-tailed Hawk (MPEG1)
Gosh Hawk [immature] (MPEG2) or In-flight
Eastern Ribbon Snake
Cuckoo Wasp (MPEG2/DVD) (More Info.)
Gray Squirrel (MPEG2/DVD)
Robin Chicks (MPEG2/DVD)
Baby Field Mouse (MPEG2/DVD)
Groundhog (MPEG2/DVD)
Turkey Vulture (MPEG2/DVD)
Great Blue Heron (MPEG2)
House Sparrow (MPEG2)
Barred Owl At Hawk Mountain (MPEG2/DVD) or Owl In The Wild
Baby Bunnies / Rabbit Hutch (MPEG1)
Possum (MPEG1) or MPEG2/DVD
White-tailed Deer / Pennsylvania State Animal (MPEG2)
White-tailed Deer Tail Swicth (MPEG2)
Buckeye Butterfly filmed in Ohio (MPEG2/DVD)
Canadian Geese (MPEG2/DVD)
Large Mouth Bass (Intel Interactive AVI)
Dogs In The Snow (Microsoft AVI)
Bumble Bee (Microsoft AVI)
Spider Gets A Moth (Intel Interactive AVI)
Dolphin Along the Cape May Shoreline (Microsoft AVI)
Frog (MPEG4/DivX)


Praying Mantis From

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