Weaver Partners, Inc.
Management Advisors & Implementors of International & U.S. Strategic Growth Programs, Since 1959
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Weaver Partners has worked successfully with hundreds of corporations over 3 decades to help them grow in sales and profits. Each client program is designed and firmly based on the technology, financing, organization and market requirements. We do in-depth research, planning and implementation of long-term alliances.

Forming Alliances

Our work begins with high-level executive planning. It passes through many phases of search, research, and analysis; leads to the development of a strategic plan with specific objectives; and concludes with the forging of a profitable alliance. The alliance takes the form of merger, acquisition, divestiture, marketing agreement, technology transfer, joint venture, special financing, or other cooperative arrangement. Our orientation is business and industrial expansion. We use great care in the clear definition of market requirements and profit goals, key factors in the creation of an alliance that is mutually beneficial in the long term.

Workings of the Weaver Program

For growth-minded enterprises, the Weaver Program provides access to new markets and technologies. In a full service program we:
  • Formulate long term growth plans.
  • Identify and locate the most suitable partners.
  • Define a winning financial structure.
  • Identify funding.
  • Assist in all negotiations.
  • Coordinate legal, accounting, and other professional services to execute the transaction.
  • Provide follow-up management counsel to ensure success of the new enterprise.
    The Weaver Partners working on each program are experienced, senior operating executives. And becease we operate with complete confidentiality, we gain the confidence of prospect companies and miximize the chances for ou client to achive successful results.

    Finding the Right Partner

    Corporations looking to grow their business will find Weaver Partners a ready source of current knowledge of both domestic and global markets. Sizing up a deal worthy of investment is a major challenge. Through careful cultivation of, and knowledge about, the targeted market, Weaver Partners offers the expertise for identifying and recommending companies which fit our client's requirements. We carefully plan and choose the alliance to maximize market share and investment return objectives for both parties.

    Value to Chief Executives

    Weaver Partners delivers a service of tangible value to chief executives, whether located in the Americas, Asia, Europe, or other continents. In a decade of great change and high expectations, the long term growth services offered by WPI are often critical to the success of companies facing global & domestic competition. The essence of our work is to achieve the best results for each client while meeting the larger needs of the international community.

    About Us

    * Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Marketing Agreements, Technology Transfers, Joint Ventures, Special Financing & Cooperative Arrangements

    * Executive Planning including: Technology, Finance, Strategic Planning & Marketing

    * Access, develop & expand New Markets with an orientation towards Business & Industrial Expansion

    * Since 1959 have worked successfully with hundreds of corporations

    Selected Former Clients:

    Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.
    British Tire & Rubber PLC
    Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
    Costar Corporation
    Fuqua Industries, Inc.
    Ocean Spray Cranberries
    Stavely Industries PLC
    Westinghouse Electric Corp.

    The Executive Partners that comprise Weaver Partner, Inc. in the Boston & Washington, DC offices have many years of experience in all disciplines and interface at all pertinent levels.

    Weaver International Group is comprised of:
    Weaver Partners, Inc.: Boston, MA & Washington, DC
    Corporate Breakthroughs, Inc.: Boston, MA
    J.E. Austin & Associates, Inc.: Boston, MA & Washington, DC
    INTERTRUST Asesoria Financiera S.A.: Caracas, Venezuela
    Charles Zhang Chaoyang & Associates: Beijing, China

    Weaver Partners, Inc.
    65a Atlantic Ave.
    Boston, MA 02110
    Phone 617-723-2600
    Fax 617-723-6034

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