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Chaos Theory as Applied to Health, Preventative Medicine & Healing

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The Idea

The Blinder Hypothesis: Many world citizens hinder their physical performance due to a narrow "field of vision."

Example: If an observer is in the eye of a hurricane, they may not be able to see the long winding arms of the storm system. The same holds true for an observer on Earth as they view the nighttime sky -- they may not see the entire system known as the Milky Way. In both of these examples, the observer is "wearing blinders". They only see a small slice of the entire system. And, they may be unaware that they are not experiencing the entirety.

Perhaps we should even suggest that Modern Man has pre-sliced their observations... making it much more difficult to experience a naturally occurring system in its entirety?

For instance, has Modern Man eliminated a large part of the frequency range that is normally delivered by music? When music is played live, your ear receives a very wide range of frequencies. However, high-tech recording techniques tend to compress music to a very narrow frequency range.

I have heard of studies that indicated infants exposed to live music show an increase in brain activity and growth. If this is true, what impact does the lack of frequency exposure have on the general population? What benefits can be derived from increasing one's exposure to a wide range of frequencies?

And, do the same principles apply to rhythm -- has Modern Man become too rigid in his time keeping. Has he removed the chaos that is the rhythm of life? Will this lead to a lack of agility in our species? Will it become a deterrent to our survival?

As for light, there have been studies that show the importance of light for the "body clock," to prevent depression, and to process vitamin D, etc.

Proposed Areas Of Research:

  1. Acoustics
    Blinder Hypothesis applied to the frequency range and chaotic systems of music.

  2. Vision
    Blinder Hypothesis applied to the frequency range and chaotic systems of visual art.

To determine if experiencing the full range of a chaotic system helps the human body develop stronger and heal quicker.

Is it as simple as taking off one's blinders?

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Sample Feedback

Here is an example of input that has helped us in examining the big picture:
Musicologists have been studying this for a while... different cultures, different instruments, different rhythms, different vocalization patterns/use of vocal sounds - especially native cultures

In a more clinical vein, there've been a few studies done on the effects of different frequency ranges of sound on the human brain.

Schumann Resonance Range - ELF/extremely low frequency - about 9 to 20 Hz - tends to produce a pretty predictable variety of effects: malaise, religious experience, psychic experience, seizure episodes (attention span lapses and the like), introspection...

interesting thing about the Schumann Res. Range: it is the "roughly normal" resonance of the earth itself. And, it is the approximate resonance of the brain when functioning in an alpha state - psychic/dream, etc.

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