Quantum Kinks and the Growth Resistance of Atomically Rough Helium-4 Crystals

D. 0. Edwards, S. Mukherjee, and M. S. Pettersen

Department of Physics, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210

Mobile interacting quantum-mechanical kinks of very low mass explain the roton contribution to the growth resistance and the thermal phonon transmission coefficient of the rough surface of 4He crystals.

PACS numbers: 67.40.Pm, 61.50.Cj, 68.45.Kg, 68.45.Nj

This work was supported by U.S. National Science Foundation, Low Temperature Physics Program, Grants No. DMR 8403441 and No. 8905385.

We thank S. Balibar, C. Ebner, C. Jayaprakash, and W. F. Saam for useful discussions.


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