In Memoriam

Photo by Mark Frautschi 1991
The Low Temperature Physics Community suffered a great loss on July 15 1996 when Dr. Hanan Baddar was killed by a car travelling in the wrong direction on a freeway. Hanan was an extremely talented young experimentalist at the beginning of a very promising career. She performed the experiments for her doctoral dissertation at the Ohio State University under the guidance of Prof. D. O. Edwards, and joined Prof. Guenter Ahlers group at the University of California at Santa Barbara as a postdoctoral researcher in March 1995. Hanan's enthusiasm for her research, strength of personality, zest for life, courage and warmth will be sorely missed. She will live on in the minds and memories of those who knew her.

'When I remember all, the friends so linked together
I've seen around me fall, like leaves in wintry weather.
I feel like one who treads alone some banquet hall deserted
Whose lights are fled, whose garlands dead, and all but he departed'