Fun With Dry-ice

ice The following events took place during the original Miles To Oz weekend. Spontaneity and destiny collided when Sidd, the low temperature physicist, was hanging out with one of the guys from Glistening Trail Productions, before they went to a Stop That Noise gig. The idea was mentioned, "what if we got a coupla blocks of dry-ice?"

A hybrid experiment combining elements of science and multimedia was born. And, this is what happened....

  1. Fun With Dry-Ice Video Collection
    1. Well (451k .avi video download)
    2. Special Brew (479k .avi video download)
    3. Toilet
    4. Bathtub Drain (407k .avi video download)
    5. Stop That Noise Show
      1. Pint Of Beer (575k .avi video download)
      2. On Stage
      3. Frozen Bucket In Corner

    Dry-ice in a Well

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