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DONOVAN SEARLES, LLC, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a law firm dedicated to providing first class litigation services to institutional and individual investors, pension funds, hedge funds, consumers and small businesses. The firm's nationwide practice focuses on securities litigation, corporate governance matters, class actions, shareholder rights, consumer litigation and cases against financial service providers, including banks, mortgage servicers, consumer debt collectors, consumer reporting agencies (credit bureaus) and credit card issuers.

The firm strives to provide consumers, investors and institutions with the type of sophisticated, in-depth representation that is ordinarily available only to the largest clients of money-center law firms.

The firm provides most of its services on a contingent fee basis. Approximately 90% of its cases are class actions. The firm has associated with counsel on cases throughout the country, and its principals are active members of the American Bar Association, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, the National Assocation of Consumer Advocates and the National Association of Commercial and Securities Attorneys.

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